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Corporate Housing & Relocation

Appliance Rental Professionals you can Trust!

As a corporate housing professional, you are expected to offer the best to your clients. At American Appliance Rentals, we always provide the best appliances and services for you and your clients. We aspire to be your preeminent provider of appliance rental services over the long haul. We lead the competition in appliance rentals with a record of success based on years of professional service and excellence. Our quest for improvement is unceasing.

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Skills and Experience

Our installation professionals are punctual, friendly and will always go the extra mile for you. We have a dedicated team of account professionals available to answer all your questions and service your account.

At American Appliance Rentals, we have the right skills to apply creative approaches for smooth setup. Our skilled team and its substantial experience strive to exceed client expectations by coming up with innovative solutions.

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Professional Team

Unnecessary delays in delivery can be off-putting for many, and we completely understand that. At American Appliance Rentals, our in-depth knowledge and experience enables us to deliver timely and quick services. We are continuously working hard to offer our clients with seamless and high quality services.

One Place – All Services

What makes us different from others in the same industry is the fact that we offer a one stop shop solution to all our clients; we provide all services from the delivery of a variety of home appliances to ensuring that our clients get the best installation as well as free maintenance. From delivery to pickup, we have everything covered.

What Our Clients Say About us?

We take great pride in offering exceptional appliance rental services to our clients. Have a look at what our clients say about us.

“We have been working with American Appliance Rentals since 2010, and in that time they have provided us with flawless service. We very much appreciate their prompt delivery and pickup. Their friendly staff is a real bonus. We appreciate the ease with which our residents are able to contact them. Their customer service is exceptional and we anticipate a long term business relationship with them. “

Peter Braun Leasing consultant

“The company is very organized and we are extremely happy and satisfied with the services they have been providing to our clients. We’re extremely grateful to them for making it all so easy for our clients. All the appliances are delivered on time by friendly staff. We would like to recommend American Appliance Rentals to anyone looking for appliance rental services at affordable rates. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them for years to come. Keep up the great work!”

Best Regards,
Richard Parker Business Manager

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