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How to Use Your Washing Machine in Proper Manner

How to Use Your Washing Machine in Proper Manner

How to Use Your Washing Machine in Proper Manner?

In our busy schedule, we neither get time nor energy to wash clothes by hand. Therefore, washing machine has become an essential part of every household. Though our job is now effortless with this appliance, most of the users don’t know its proper usage.

Follow these tips to make the best use of washing machine and enjoy crystal clean clothes:

You Can Save on Electricity Consumption

You may have this notion that using washing machine consumes a huge amount of electricity, but you must know it happens because you don’t use it properly. You can save a lot on consumption using these tricks:

  • Fully load your washing machine with clothes in its top most capacity so that you wash maximum clothes in a single run.

  • Don’t usually go for hot wash if its not needed. Cold wash can save on electricity consumption.

  • Separate detergents should be used for different types of machines. Wrong usage of detergents can lead to different cycles of cleaning. The result is wastage of time and electricity.

  • Avoid putting your washing machine in “stand by” mode to save electricity.

Clean Your Washing Machine Frequently

Cleaning your machine keeps it functioning at its best. There are several reasons for which you should clean washing machine:

  • The washer may not get dry completely due to moisture in the air. It results into stale odors spreading in your clothes.

  • The water that is supplied often contains excessive iron or dirt. This hard water can form limes in machine components and pipes, resulting is machine slow down.

  • Some washers hold water in some parts due to their bad design. It leads to mold or mildew formation creating germs and unpleasant odors.

  • Sometimes the washed clothes contain reddish spots. It means your tub or pipe or dispenser is rusted. In such cases, add lemon juice in the machine-contained hot water and run the machine for one wash cycle to remove rust from your machine.

Set your machine to store hot water, then add vinegar in that water, leave it for few minutes to mix up well, add baking soda, run the machine for few minutes, and then stop. Leave the machine in the same state for at least half an hour. Finally, drain the water. Wipe off your washer with a clean cloth or you can go one level ahead cleaning your washer with brush.

Leave the Machine Door Open for Sometime after Washing

Once your washing is over, leave the machine door open to let the moisture and dampness evaporate. A dry, clean machine never develops any bad odor. Wipe off your machine walls and the washer with a wet cloth once the wash process is over.

Understand the Machine Settings Well

Run your machine in the correct mode to protect clothes from damage. For clothes that need a gentle wash normal mode is best, but for greasy clothes set the machine for strong wash. You should be aware of other machine settings also to protect it from damage.

Overloading Is Not a Good Idea

Loading your machine with too many clothes beyond its capacity puts pressure on the motor letting it heat up. It may also cause damage to your machine and poor cleaning. Still if you need wash too many clothes in a single time spin, set your machine in heavy load wash mode. Then water in large proportion will be loaded and the clothes will be dried out clean. But, it’s always better if you don’t use this option.

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