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Important Tips on How to Use Microwave Safely

Important Tips on How to Use Microwave Safely

Important Tips on How to Use Microwave Oven Safely

You’ll see very few kitchens nowadays that don’t contain microwave, but a handful of people only uses this appliance to its fullest. The reason is their lack of knowledge, especially in terms of safety measures. We will give you important tips on how to make a safe use of microwave.

Cleaning Microwave Is a Vital Factor

When it comes to preparing food, hygiene is the bible. Go for a basic cleaning before you place food inside to cook. It is more important if the microwave is being used after a long time. It should also be cleaned each time after you finish cooking. Regular cleaning will keep your food safe from contamination. It will also protect the microwave from fire and door seal damage.

Listed here are few tips on how to clean microwave oven:

  • You can use soaking wet paper towels to wipe the interior, especially the dirty areas.

  • Take a microwave plate, place cut lemons in it, and microwave until it becomes steamy inside. Then wipe the inside with clean paper towels.

  • Commercial cleansers are good to remove any dirt from your microwave but make sure to use a fume-free product, otherwise your food will give odd taste.

  • You can use a table spoon of vinegar in a bowl of water and microwave for one minute. Then clean the dirt with paper towel.

  • Make a paste of baking soda mixing with little water, apply that paste inside the microwave, keep it for 5 minutes and finally remove the baking soda with paper towel.

Saving Microwave Oven from Damage

Microwave needs little careful handling, otherwise it may cause some severe damage to the appliance as well as to your house. Do remember to check the following things whenever you cook on microwave:

  • Never place any aluminum stuff such as containers, foil, utensils inside the oven. These may burn your oven damaging your appliance. In severe cases it may lead to even short circuit.

  • Do not ever operate microwave when the door is open. The oven may start processing without even the door being closed if the door sensing switch stops functioning. If this happens immediately turn off the switch and call for service. Otherwise your health will be severely affected because of radiation rays.

  • Putting sealed objects in oven may cause explosion and can even rip off the door.

  • Flammable or combustible liquid in the oven may lead to fire.

  • If you ever notice fire inside the oven, immediately unplug the microwave. Don’t even give it a thought to open the door, rather call for emergency service.

  • Don’t try to repair the oven yourself. It is risky and can have dire consequences.

Final Suggestions

Microwaves can give you such unique tasty dishes, which sometimes are not possible to cook even on gas ovens. So, maintain safety following our tips and keep preparing innovative delicious dishes.

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